Apr 15

A Good sort of Intolerance

An Intolerance of Narrow Minded Bigotry

All I really can say about this is "Good for you Stacy Eden!" She stood up to a hateful idiot on behalf of someone else. And yes, I consider the woman who was harassing to couple on the train to be hateful and an idiot and do not apologize for that. If you let yourself be swayed by the demonization of a people group so much that you harass strangers who are just minding their own business then I say you too are a hateful idiot. Hateful because your motives are not based on helping anyone but simply continuing a trend of seeing others as something less than human. An idiot for thinking that any of that is true, that your tirades matter, and that you can get away with that kind of talk.

I do not tolerate you. I do not support your right to harass others in public. I do not care if that bothers you.

If you want to have a rational discussion, a peaceful discussion, a respectful discussion, an informed discussion then I will be glad to listen to you and your point of view.

If, however, you want to continue being a fool then I have no time for you.

In fact, I would tell you to go to Hell, but you seem to be following that agenda just fine on your own with no direction from me.

For those who think I am being too harsh - read your wisdom literature (Egyptian, Christian, Jewish, Greek, Hindu, Confucian, it doesn't matter because they all say it). Sometime you have to call people on it when they are being this way.

Swine do not respect pearls, only slop.

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