May 16

Affusion, Aspersion, Immersion, Submersion...Digital?

Is there an Ap for That?

Probably soon will be if certain members of the Church of Scotland have there way. A two year study has been authorized to determine if Online Baptism, Communion, and other sacraments can be offered by the Kirk (aka the Church of Scotland.) As a graduate of an interdenominational seminary I have been part of many debates about the mode of baptism both in and out of class and I know all the arguments for all of them.

Affusion: Water poured on the head.
Aspersion: Water sprinkled on the head.
Immersion: Candidate is reclined into the water and fully immersed.
Submersion: Candidate is pushed down into the water, kneeling or stooping, until submerged.

Then there is the Pedobatism (baptism as a child) v. Credobaptism (baptism of professing believers only) thing. Then the Sacrament (a means of receiving grace) v. Ordinance (a sign of obedience) issue. I could go on to talk about Trinitarian formulas, vestments, necessity, etc. but I wont. Suffice it to say that there are myriad and sundry means of baptism out there in the Christian world, and that doesn't even begin to get into the non-Christian ones.

I will admit to having a preference, but also to being more open minded about the process than the average Baptist. However, I cannot figure out how Online Baptism would work.
Will it be a YouTube DIY type video like the ones for making arts and crafts or learning to play the banjo? "Take the infant like this and dipping your finger in the water make the sign of the cross like thus..." As a strong "priesthood of the believer" kind of guy I have no real issues with who performs the baptism, I don't even like the idea of the ordination of clergy, but cannot see how a sacramental system can justify that theologically.

Sure the Kirk has lost 1/3rd of is membership int he last decade or so, and I do think we are on the verge of seeing Church 2.x emerge in the modern world. How this particular thing will work I have no idea.

But it will be interesting to see.

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