Feb 16

Beagles were made on the 6th day

Happy Darwin Day!

February 12th is celebrated as Darwin Day a "celebration of intellectual bravery" held on the date of his birth.

Even though in 2005 a federal judge ruled that creationism was thinly veiled religious indoctrination, states have found ways of sneaking it back into the curriculum. So, I thought on this Darwin Day I would give you 6 reasons (For the days of Creation- nothing got made on the 7th) I do not want my children being taught creationism in schools:

1. You are not qualified: I have a BA in Religion, an MDiv, 20+ years of professional ministry, 12+ years of professional teaching experience in the field of religion and theology, and you sir or madam or state legislature are not, in my expert opinion, qualified to interpret the Bible for my child. There is nothing in the qualifications of a teacher at a public school anywhere in the country that suggests to me that you have the training necessary to even begin to do that. If you counter that I let my child go to Sunday School with people who are no more qualified I will say I agree. But that is the church and the religious education I and my wife have chosen for our child.

2. The government has no business teaching religious doctrine to my child: Goes back to the last thing I said. I choose for my child. Not the government. When it comes to religious and philosophical beliefs that is the purview of the parent and the religious institutions they choose.

3. It sets precedent: If I let you teach your beliefs to my child and pass them off as science, when you are no longer the majority will the next people come in and talk about the science of how Marduk tore apart Tiamat to make the Sky and the Sea? To allow this to pass for one thing is to give a reason to allow it to pass for others.

4. It is not kind: We teach out children that the most important thing they can be in this world is not smart, rich, beautiful, or successful. It is Kind. It is not kind, and therefore not consistent with any interpretation of the teaching of Christ to force non-believers to be evaluated on how well they understand your pseudo-science.

5. It takes time away from other things: My children are smart and inquisitive. I send them to a public school so that they can be exposed to things I cannot teach them either because of lack of qualifications or time. Not everyone is so fortunate. Children need to have a good foundation in language, math, and reasoning to get anywhere in the world. Do not waste my time or money teaching them anything else.

6. YOU ARE WRONG.: No, do not add "in my opinion" to that. Creationism is neither logical nor Biblical. How can I say that? Read the Bible. Chapter 1 gives us a beautiful poem about the nature of God and creation. The people who wrote it were not stupid. They knew plants needed sunlight to grow even if they put vegetation on the 3rd day and the sun on the 4th. That is not the point, it is not a one page summary of how to build a universe, it is a theological poem about theological points. The ancient mind did not think like the modern mind, but that does not mean they were in anyway less intelligent. They realize that the second chapter of Genesis and the first are not the same and are in fact completly incompatible. They people who wrote this down were talking about human beings and relationships and compassion and justice that is the primary point. You teaching it like its science is a mockery of faith and reason.

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