Aug 15


Just a few notes for today as this is a big week.


If you feel the need to alter the Bible to fit your preconceived ideas you are pretty much admitting that they are not Biblical. Not that you do not have to actually know Greek or Hebrew or any principles of translation to work on the project.

Bigots and Morons.
Wiccans are about as likely to kill you as your average Lutheran. Wiccans are not Satanists. The average Satanist is as likely to kill you as your average Lutheran. Just because a faith is misunderstood and in the minority doesn't mean you can blame them for things. Maybe, sheriff, you should put aside your bigotry and, I don't know, look for clues?

Everybody must get stoned...to read the Sacred Texts.

Or not. No real comment here. Just that showing this is really a big deal, and it looks nothing like I expected.

I could go on. But we will save some for next week.

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