Nov 15

Blessed are the ?

No link today. If you cannot find someone talking about those stupid Starbucks' Holiday cups then I must believe that someone printed this out and gave it to you. Go ask them to find some links, print them out, and read them to you.

I want to be clear from the onset how I feel about those who have made a big deal about the whole Red Cup thing:

Self Aggrandizing Idiots.

Self Aggrandizing Idiot-in-Chief is one Joshua Feuerstein who put out a viral video in which he claims Starbucks can't celebrate Christmas.

You can look him up, I'm not linking to him.

OK, first let's just look at the stupid cups.


Note the distinct lack of Christian iconography in any year they have used the cups. What do we see? Generic symbols of the season - including an animate snowman. Christmas trees are common, but guess what? Those are pagan symbols, and no amount of historical, verbal, or mental gymnastics is going to change that.

Next let us look at the company itself. They have a a twin tailed siren from Greek myth as their logo. Nor do they at any point claim to be a Christian company. So why should they be expected to promote a religious holiday?

Finally let us talk about the complainers. I know they so want to be the voice of Christ in America. I have news for them: I know Christ, he is a friend of mine, and you, sirs, are not him.
Being easily offended, and actually going out of your way to find offense and share it, is neither being meek nor being a peacemaker. So, not inheriting the earth and not children of God according to Matthew 5.

What does motivate them? Fear. Fear of a changing cultural landscape in which they are no longer the dominate expression of culture. Basic xenophobia. And yet 1 John 4:18 says "There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves punishment, and the one who fears is not perfected in love." In other words, if we know we are loved, and are a vessel of that love toward others, we have no reason to fear either the course of history (because God controls that and loves us) not people who are different from us (for we love them and thus have no fear.)

So PLEASE stop saying "Christians are offended by..." We are not. Unless you say "Christians are offended by idiots who claim to speak for Christ."

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