Feb 15

Crazy is Crazy

It doesn't matter if its Christians or Muslims there are some people out there who claim to speak for their Faiths.

When if fact they speak only for the voices in their heads.

Both of these men show not only an ignorance of the world around them, but a fear of it.

In the one case its a new practice and a new technology, yes for Pat Robertson Facebook is new, so it disturbs him. And apparently monochromatic pictures someone how show a woman's "intimate parts." Rather than an attempt to engage the world he responds with the fears of a benighted Middle Ages. Covens. Demons.

(Not that there are not covens, but the vast majority of them are just going to "ahw" and "coo" over your baby, and maybe offer a kindly blessing. Demons, on the other hand, are a little more complicated.Why don't you go read Popping Pop Christianity for at least part of the explanation.)

The case of the Saudi cleric is a little more disturbing, I think. Especially given the history of astronomy being so rooted in the science and math of the Medieval Islamic world. Here is man that has ignored his own cultural heritage. Not that I want to put words in his mouth, although maybe someone needs to do it, I would guess that it is a reaction to what is perceived as Western science.

Just remember, atheist friends, they do not speak for their faiths.

Crazy is just crazy.

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