Sep 15

Fastest Nun in the West

True Story.

Sister Blandina Segale came to Trinidad,Colorado in 1877 and later went to Santa Fe. She taught poor children, advocated for Hispanics and Native Americans, tried to stop sex slavery, stopped a lynch mob (maybe), and stared down Billy the Kid. Now they want to make her a saint, and I for one cannot think of a better choice.

But its not that easy. There are two big requirements: an exemplary life and two verified postmortem miracles.

The first one is probably an easy box to check, its the second that is a bit tricky.

Her advocates say that cancer patients who have prayed to her have been healed and poor immigrants have seen miracles. IF one miracle is confirmed she would get the title of "Blessed" (maryrs get it automatically) but she would need two to be sainted.

The first hurdle for confirmation as a saint is the equivalent to a grand jury hearing, although largely ceremonial, in front of the Archdioceses of Santa Fe. After that the case gets handed over to the Vatican's equivalent of the Men in Black.

Technically these guys are the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints tasked with "approving results on miracles, martyrdom and heroic virtues of various Servants of God." The current Prefect is Angelo Amato.

But EXACTLY what they do and how is a secret. Nebulous at best. These are the guys who show up when someone claims to have been healed by a statue of the Virgin or sees her a newly mowed lawn.

To me they are almost as interesting as Billy the Kid v. the Nun of Trinidad.

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