Jan 16

Finding Reasons to Fight

I have been in churches that had major arguments over what color to paint the church bus, what fabric to use on the pews, and even got hit over the cost of an office telephone.

Apparently all of that is nothing compared to the Ladder issue at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

The ladder was left in place when a ruler ordered that everything in the church had to stay the same, an effort to prevent the 6 different Christian denominations that shared the building from fighting. His efforts, although noble, had unfortunate knock on consequences. As with most anything that hangs around for a while it became fetishized.

Now monks - MONKS and not the Wuxia type either - have been known to have fist fights over the thing. Oh, and the ancient building has only one exit despite the fact that hundreds holding candles pack it annually for services. Fire safety has taken a back seat the Status Quo.

So, here is my suggestion for them and for you on this New Years Day:

Carefully consider those things in your life that you have made sacred and determine if they deserve that reverence. Do they really mean that much? Does holding these ideas put you into conflict with the basic tenets you claim to believe? Do they potentially harm you or others? Have you forgotten why any of it matters? Is it really about personal power or comfort than actual doctrine or philosophy?

If you have answered yes to any of the previous questions then please take this advice:


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