Jun 16


There are more atheists now in America than ever before.

And that link to the Pew Research Center will tell you some things about them.

Some of the more interesting ideas, however, are between the lines. Or at least not in the list.

The first paragraph, for example, is fascinating (also part of #4). 8% of "atheists" say they believe in God. While at least "some" who are part of organized religions do not believe in God. I think the problem is a definition of terms. For at least some people "atheist" must mean "not part of a religion" while for some in organized faiths the membership must be cultural. Not that surprising. While 3 times as many people say they do not believe in God than identify as atheist. I would be interested in seeing the numbers on "agnostic."

Number 6 says that 1 in 10 atheists share their beliefs on a weekly basis. These must be the vocal minority, the ones you see on facebook. I wonder if these are the anti-religion atheists. Those people who not only say they do not believe in god but that organized religion is bad for individuals and society. Again, I have more questions.

Now look at the table. 22.8% of US adults in 2014 identified of unaffiliated with any religion. Nearly 1/4 of the total. 15.8% said they believed in nothing in particular while 6.9% said that religion was nevertheless important. The US population was about 319 million in 2014. 6.9% is still about 22 million people.

22 million people who think religion is important but do not believe in anything in particular.

There is your audience.

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  1. I wonder to what extent this is fueled by what I perceive to be a current trend where it's cool to be atheist?

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