Apr 16

Great Ba'als of Fire

In case you are either not an archaeology aficionado or a subscriber to certain...biased sources of information, you are probablly not aware that in about two weeks reproductions of a Temple of Ba'al will be erected in New York and London. The reproductions are of a temple destroyed by ISIL in Palmyra, Syria in August of 2015. The original had stood on the site since 32 CE. ISIS destroyed it under the cover of anti-idolatry laws, but in reality carved up everything they could to sell on the black market and blew up the rest. The reproductions are amazing examples of 3-D printing and will go up in April as part of World Heritage Week.

Here is a reasonable article from last months New York Times about the instillation and the original site.

All well and good, unless you are of a certain ideological bent. Then you are sure that this is all as sign of the end times and the emergence of the One World Government that will force us all into Ba'al worship and child sacrifice. Possibly even opening "gateways" for demonic entities.

It has gotten so bad that Snopes has stepped into the fray.

Let me just add my two coppers:

- There is no worship or prayers to Baal or (as far as I can find anyone else) scheduled at either site.
- At one point the building was converted into a Christian Church and later in to a Mosque - so you could just as easily claim they are reproductions of either of those.
- The temple was built in the Roman Empire Era, and while they had no problems with blood sports or capitol punishment human sacrifice was generally not tolerated (Tertullian actually tells us that those who practiced it were executed by Roman officials).
- The motivation behind these exhibits is clearly political condemnation of ISIL

If one objects to these exhibits on grounds of idolatry I would say that there is no evidence that worship of Baal is being promoted at all, but would be willing to say that I understand your concern.

If one objects to these exhibits on the grounds of the promotion of Baal worship, One World Government, mystic gates, and demonic incursions I will take notes for my next Modern Day RPG session and help you fold your tin foil hat. And perhaps mention that according to the ancient rabbit ears on my grandmother's TV that will actually help reception of electronic waves and its aluminum not tin anyway and suggest you switch to lead foil if you really want to protect your brain. But then if you wanted to protect your brain you wouldn't be reading WND.com and the like anyway.

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