Oct 15

Happy Anniversary

to me, to me!

Back on October 20th, 2014 I posted the first God's Mote with the intention of trying to explain the misconceptions about religion that you get from click bait headlines and talking point news, to be fair to people of all faiths, and not to be too rant-y. Two out of three isn't so bad.

So, for my first anniversary* I am running a contest!
First follow me on twitter @godsmoteblog or on Facebook at God's Mote, or both.
Second, pick your top three favorite stories from the last year and share them on facebook or twitter and tag #godsmoteblog.
I will pick one (or more depending) entrant at random (I have lots of dice, don't worry) and that person will receive an electronic copy of my next book which might be: Best of God's Mote Plus, A Parody of an Apocalypse, or something else.

(Anniversary, along with other words that mean "once a year", comes from the Sumerian sky god Anu, who ruled the dome of the heavens. The Sumerians also divided circles into 360 degrees and years into 12 months.)

And now news:

Francis might radical alter the Catholic Church.

Everyone talks about how Francis stands on this or that issue and how significant it is. Forget all of them. This is the single biggest item of his career. Decentralizing the church will alter a structure that has been in place for about 1700 years (or about a thousand depending on when you want to start counting). It will open the door for greater regional variation in the Catholic Church. It might also lead to a Catholic Church that looks more like the Orthodox. Good and bad are likely to abound, and depending on your opinion of those you might see any one development as either.

We wont know for a while if this takes, but if it does it will be one of the most significant religious events of our life times.

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