Aug 16

If it is a sign, what does it say?

I am not one going to delight in the suffering of another, especially when that suffering is so profound and widespread.

I will however, point out the theological problems of one Tony Perkins of Louisianan. As most are aware, the area has been hit with historic flooding. This includes the house of Pastor Perkins as was shared on social media: 14067807_1571074266522164_7622625459706389434_o

The reason this is note worthy is that Tony Perkins claimed in an interview in October of 2015 that God was "trying to send the US a message" (about 13 mins in to the podcast) in the form of Hurricane Joaquin. It was actually his guest, Pastor Jonathan Cahn, who made the direct tie between the legalization of homosexual marriage and the devastation of the Hurricane, but Perkins seems to agree with him.

So, if one storm is a sign from God, what does it say about his flooded house?

First, I would remind Pastor Perkins, and everyone else, in the danger of speaking for God. As a Pastor it is his job to do so, but it is dangerous to speculate on what God is thinking. Better stick to interpreting the texts.

Second, I would remind everyone that it does not matter what you think of someone, whether you are anti-gay marriage or anti-Tony Perkins, decent human beings do not take disaster as an opportunity to make moral judgement about someone. Decent human beings just help who ever you might be. Discussions of morality can wait for later.

Finally I would point out that correlation is not causation. Just because two things happen about the same time does not mean they have anything to do with one another.

Out prayers and effort go out to the people of Louisiana.

Check this out if you are looking for ways to help.

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