Oct 15

I'm trying

my best to be a good person and a good Christian. I think that part of that is trying to understand others, especially the persecuted or poor or outcast. It also means trying to understand people who are different from what we might consider the norm.

I do not believe hate or fear has any part in Christ. Part of what I am trying to do in this blog is to help us all understand each other. I have tried to reach out to others in my own community and have even made friends with them. Not for the purpose of evangelizing, just for the purpose of being loving. Being Christlike. It has not always worked. Lots of people are suspicious of motives because they have been hurt by other Christians. Hurt by people who are too sure of themselves, rather than being faithful, to accept anything that is not exactly like them.

Get over yourselves.

This Friday and Saturday hate and fear filled people will be attempting to disrupt the lives of you neighbors in the name of "humanity." Do not let them. Stand with the ones being attacked.

To those of you who would actually like to know more about your community, to act in loving and compassionate ways toward others, to learn how to not be afraid of others, I suggest you read this editorial.

Whatever faith you may be, even if none at all, give no place to hate or fear.

At least try.

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