Jul 16

It belongs in a Reliquary!

Indiana Jones not withstanding, the discovery of golden boxes containing possibly world changing artifacts is typically the providence of DnD characters or the Winchester brothers, not archaeologists.

Nevertheless, a group in China may have discovered a gilt sandalwood box containing a piece of skull from Siddhartha Gautama, Buddha. First there was stone chest which, when opened, revealed a hidden iron box, and inside of that was an elaborate stupa model that stood nearly 4 feet tall. It is believed the remains of Buddhist saints are also stored inside of the same artifact. Inside of the protected display was a silver casket, which then opened into a gold casket.


According to the researchers about 1,400 years before China received the artifact Buddha's skull was protected underneath an Indian temple that had been demolished during an onslaught of violence throughout the region. The ruling King Ashoka divided Buddha's alleged remains into 84,000 shares, with 19 shares going into China.

The discovery has been well known in the East, apparently, for several years but only started making headlines in the West in the last month. The contents will, of course, be hard to verify. Nor is this the only relic associated with Buddha and many claim some item. The Buddha's relics are considered to show people that enlightenment is possible, to remind them that the Buddha was a real person, and to also promote good virtue.

The housing of the Tooth of Buddha in Sri Lanka

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