Jan 15

Je Suis Charlie

And so are a lot of other people

I am going to keep this short and to the point.

To the Murderous Cowardly Idiots who are terrorizing Paris,

You are not Muslim. You are not following the way of Mohammad. You are as much a follower of Islam as Hitler was a Lutheran. You are small minded murdering bigots who have used the veneer of faith to justify your psychotic tendencies. The Quran speaks of the struggle for righteousness being a personal one and of tolerance for nonbelievers. Try reading it sometime.

And should you die in your cause, may you indeed receive Seventy Virginians as your just reward in the afterlife. I am sure Thomas Jefferson would love to discuss theology with you.

To the Western Idiotic Bigots who use tragedy to promote hate,

The acts of radicals are not the acts of a people. The ravings of madmen are not official doctrine. Glenn Beck does not speak for us, these murderers do not speak for Islam. Try to understand the actual followers of what you fear and get over it. The Bible speaks of love for your enemies. Try reading it sometime.

And should you die in your cause, just remember that the radical "middle eastern" looking man is Jesus.

IF anyone things I am being unclear, I will be glad to explain myself further.

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