Apr 15

Killing the Messenger

Washiqur Rahman, 27, was attacked and killed March 30 in the capital city of Bangladesh.

Let us start with something simple:

It is always wrong to kill someone for disagreeing with you. Always.
If your god or belief system cannot handle criticism then it is not really worth following.
Do not fool yourself into thinking that you are protecting the faithful in such acts, you are only trying to protect your own self identity. One that is likely weak to prompt such actions.

I'm not an atheist. I pretty much wear my beliefs on my sleeve. But I do respect and like atheists (generally speaking, just like I generally like and respect people of various faiths.)
I especially respect those who are earnestly struggling with belief and the role organized religion plays in society. People just like Washiqur Rahman and Avijit Roy , who dared to promote secularism in an Islamic society.

And before anyone starts feeling self righteous about the way they treat people who disagree with them: It happens in all societies and in all faith systems. History shows us that.

I respect those who want us to question what we have always been told. Who want us to examine with reason our beliefs. I think the un-examined faith is not worth having.

The deaths of these two men (Avijit Roy was killed about a month ago in the same city) diminishes their society, and indeed all of us.

Interestingly, I also read earlier this week an article by a self proclaimed secular Satanist Transhumanist, an atheist who is part of the anti-religious Satanic Temple and believes in self-evolution (a gross simplification I admit). In his article he lists the tenets of the Technoprogressive Declaration, and it explains them better than I could.

So what would a Baptist of Baptists such as myself think of that man's statements?


He and I might quibble over application and details, but he has a list of ideals that resonate with me.

Listen to people who do not always agree with you.
Listen to people who honestly, but thoughtfully, oppose you.
Listen to people in general.


And stop killing the messengers.

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