Jun 15

Let the graves speak

What a story they tell.

Short article, short blog post today.

Lately I have become increasingly concerned about the radicalization of extreme factions in the US, on the left and on the right. Things that boil down to "you aren't a real American (or even a real person) because you are not like me."

I am literally sick of it. A post I read the other day by someone I would otherwise consider to be a Christian was so dismissive and dehumanizing that I felt kind of nauseous the rest of the day.

Rather than rant and rave and make myself feel worse I am just going to post this link to show you that America is made of all kinds of people. Always has been. These people have served their country in thousands of different ways. They are poor or rich, black or white or some shade in between, and they are Christian and Jewish and Muslim and Pagan and all kinds of other things. Some have died on fields of battle and received the nation's highest honors.

Today I let the graves speak for themselves.

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