Aug 15

Love the Faith

be rationally critical about the nation.

A synagogue in Chicago is doing something unthinkable - it is trying to separate Jewish religious and cultural identity from Zionism. Zionism is, by the way, the support of the nation state of Israel as a manifestation of God's Will. Its kind of a sticking point, really.

For the last nearly 70 years (Israel declared its self a nation in May of 1948, after the UN - read the colonial powers - decide to carve up the region in 47) there has been a clear policy that if you were a Westerner and not Pro-Israel then you must be antisemitic, and there for probably a Nazi or Satan worshiper or the like. Much of the US foreign policy, in fact, carried out by Evangelicals (So-called) in the last 30 years has rested on an unshakable belief that Israel is God's Chosen Nation (well, next to US) and that we have to support them no matter what. We gave them Nukes. In 2013 we gave them only $155 million in aid. We share technology with them, which their defense companies sell to China.

Now, do not get me wrong (and this is where we can see the influence of Zionist trends in our culture, that I feel I have to defend myself) I believe that the Jews deserve a homeland. But any other nation that so regularly violated international agreements, invaded and occupied its neighbors, grossly violated human rights, and maintained relationships with our adversaries and rivals would be on our naughty list.

But Israel is not. Why? Because we cannot separate support of Jewish people and Jewish faith from support of the policies of Israel.

Part of this is a popular but shameful misunderstanding of Revelation, but that is another story.

Yet, here in is hope. A Jewish community. A Synagogue. A Rabbi. They support the idea that the Jewish faith need not be tied to the whims of the leaders of Israel. They are not anointed Davidic Kings. They are people with their own agendas and politics and those have, often, very little to do with the teachings of Moses and the Prophets.

Good for you Rabbi Brant Rosen.

Love and support Jewish people. Be smart about Israel.

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