Aug 16

Misplaced Priority

Dear Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys French People,

Portions of your government are terribly worried about women covering themselves in public. On the beach no less. In a country where topless beaches are normal some of your mayors have said women cannot wear what amounts to a wet suit with a skirt, a "burkini." Fortunately your highest administrative court has realized that they cannot do it. Now if they would realize that the same thing is true for the burka you would be well on your way.

In case you do not know what a burkini might be:
Take one Star Fleet issue Surgical Scrub
Add Linda Carter's Wonder Woman Ocean Suit
Linda Carter Wet suit
And you get a Burkini

Now I realize that you have had some bad things happen to you and somehow you think that changing what women wear will make you safer. I do not know how you came to that conclusion, I have a five year old and I cannot follow that logic; but OK, you want to meddle with women and their bodies to make you feel better.


Here is what you need to worry about, and fortunately some of you are.

Female Genital Mutilation

I know it is not technically a religious practice, even if some communities think it is. But go after that. I would go on and make a case against it. I would talk about the statistics of those it effects and how it has gone on for centuries and how it is a means to control women. I cannot. It makes me hurt to think about it. I have daughters, and a wife, and a mother, and aunts and friends and the thought of that happening to any one of them is to terrible to contemplate. I am very accepting of a wide variety of cultural practices. Not this. This makes me feel hate and loathing and disgust. It is too horrible to consider.

If you are going to worry so much about women's bodies then worry about the tyrannical men who mutilate women as a means of control and not dresses you do not like.


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