Jul 15

Mississippi does the right thing!

Proof that miracles still happen (warning: noisy add on page - you might want to mute your speakers) in actually establishing a policy of no prayer or sermons in schools!

But..but...isn't that an attack on Religious Freedom?

No. It is a defense of it.

We have talked about religious freedom before, at length, go back and look.

The only reason some Christians would think that this is an attack on religious liberty is because they are in the majority, but the whole point of the Bill of Rights is to protect the minorities, those who do not have the weight of numbers and influence to see that they get treated fairly and must resort to protection under the law. The same people outraged that schools were told to stop having prayers and sermons at school functions would be the same people who would be terrible upset if a prayer to Lugh was offered at the next football game or a reading from the Vedas opened the next National Honor Society tapping.

If we are going to protect religious freedom in this country we have to protect everyone's freedom. Even if you do not care at all about how other faiths are treated you should care about one thing: precedent. If you can legally do it to someone else then later someone else can legally do it to you.

Personally, I want to be the one who teaches my girls about faith and God. As a parent that is my right. If a school forces them to be subjected to religious teaching then they have taken that right away from me.

And that, my friends, is Un-American.

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