Mar 15

Shooting Ducks in a Barrel


You know, I am not even going to comment on what Phil Robertson has to say in the link. It is too easy. Anyone with 2 seconds and an ounce of humanity can condemn his horrific words. Anyone with 5 seconds and biblegateway.com can prove he is not a Christian; or if he is he is an exceptionally misguided,shallow, and un-Biblical one.

No. The question I have is this: Who keeps letting him talk?

We could speculate on the purely gross financial side. He does get attention. He does draw people in. I just wonder if at this point they are there to laugh at him, not with him.

The man has a history of unbelievable rhetoric; which I think represents the far end of the bell curve. I do not think he speaks for conservative Christians, I do not think he even speaks for the organizers of events like this.

But what if I am wrong? If I am then we have identified the greatest threat to Christianity, America, and Freedom and Democracy in existence. A fringe that thinks they are Christian but has access to neither a Biblical concept of Jesus nor to the most basic capacity for rational thought. To deny the existence of God is not to deny or lack the capacity for moral choice. To disagree with someone's interpretation of their Faith is not to reject faith or God.

The God of the Bible, even the God of the Old Testament if you read it carefully, is a God of Grace and Love.

Nothing about hate is Christian.

If these people speak for "Christianity" (something that I think is true only in their own heads) then I am going to do what Jesus did.

I'm going to go hang out with the outcasts, 'sinners', and pagans.

After all, if it walks like pharisee and talks like a pharisee....


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