May 15

The Color of Terror

is a pretty broad spectrum

Let me tell you of a terrorist plot here on American soil that has been under reported by the new media. A politically active cleric of questionable authority, with at least 2 years military training including command skills, attempted to organize a plot to kill American citizens and burn their places of worship all in the name of his faith. He contacted known radical militants and encouraged them to bring AR-15s, M-4s or M-16s with armor piercing ammunition, explosives, and machetes. He told his co-conspirators that anyone who tried to stop them would have to be killed.

The absolute worst part of this? He was allowed to plead guilty to one count of making threats by phone, possibly with a $250,000 fine and 5 years in jail. Although it should be noted that a judge still has to approve that deal.

So who is this religious radical? Who trained him? What are his political connections?
His name is Robert Doggart of Signal Mountain, Tennessee. He is an ordained minister in the Christian National Church (Which, in spite of a pretty slick website, is ultimately an 'ordination mill' that only requires a $165 donation to issue you a license and oridination; on that gets an "F" on Online Ordination Reviews) . He attended Edison State College for his undergraduate degree and went on to get a master’s degree from LaSalle University. He also earned a Ph.D. from LaSalle in engineering management.He worked for 17 year at the Tennessee Valley Authority, a federally owned corporation that provides electrical generation. Doggart served in the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps, including two years as a unit commander.

Oh and he ran for congress last year and received about 9200 votes.

He was no doubt encouraged by voices of reason. Like Lou Dobbs:

The community he planned on attacking is primarily African American and made up of 4th generation Muslim Americans.

The man is a terrorist. Just because he is white and claims to be a Christian and is from an upper middle class background he is not getting the public attention he deserves.

Jesus was pretty clear about the whole killing thing.

All radicals are dangerous. Dialog is the only path to peace. Communication is the only Christian response when confronted with different ideas and cultures. We all need to look carefully at our beliefs and our own prejudices.

All I have left to say is said by these, my fellow Americans:


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