Aug 15

These are the people in your neighborhood

in your neighborhood.

Note the line that says "ALL U.S. ADULTS" which is roughly 64% White, 15% Latino, 12% Black, 4% Asian, and 4% other.That should be any organized religion's goal. Not necessarily each church's, just because local demographics do not always reflect national averages, but it should be any larger organization's goal.

Find your denomination, or as close as you come. Mine, for example, is not on there. Not big enough I guess. But the closest one, the one that most of us were before we switched, is not doing so great a job.

Racial division in religion has historically been part of of racial division in other areas of American life.

If we are going to move into a world of honest engagement and understanding between races (not BTW a "post-race" world, which is not only an impossibility but is not respectful of individuals or their history) the faith based communities need to lead the way.

We need to make it a priority to all get along.

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