Oct 15


I was promised one.

I link to the above site not because you should spend any time reading it, but because that one page has a great list of all of the nonsense people were saying about September 23, 2015. The number of conspiracy theories and coincidences and forced conclusions is enough to make even the most acute, tin-foil hat wearing, X-phile twitchy. I should know.

So for reasons various and sundry lots of fringe elements were promising the end of the world last week. Some apologized for getting it wrong. Some have been removed by the poster (even while I was writing this!). Some were really weird.

I am not going to waste time getting into more detail about them, you can look at the list in the first link for that. Nor do I bring them up so we can all point and laugh at the crazies. I think that is not only impolite but in general a bad idea.

I do bring this up to point out two things.

First, these kinds of predictions have been around forever. They predate Christianity easily. They are nothing new. They maybe getting more sophisticated simply to the availability of information and the universal pulpit that is youtube, but mostly they are second-verse-same-as-the-first fare.

However, this bring me to the second point. They are dangerous. Not just for the guy that sold everything to move to the middle of nowhere in the Hawaiian country side either. This kind of thinking is dangerous for everyone because it gives us an excuse to do nothing.

We need make radical changes to protect the environment! Why? The world is about to end anyway.
We need to help victims of economic, millitary, and natural disasters! Why? Those are just signs of the end.
We need to learn to respect and interact with members of our community that are different than us! Why? God is coming to judge those people.
We need to take responsibility for our world and take steps to make it better! Why? The world is about to end anyway.

Look, I am all for craziness, bizarre theories, and esoteric beliefs. Have at it and tell me all about it. I wont even be too judgmental.

Do not, however, jeopardize others with your pet theories. I'm not talking to ISIS here (who, by the way, thinks Jesus is coming soon too as official policy), I'm talking to everyday people who dismiss everything with "its a sign of the end" and a shake of their heads. Do not support policy simply because you think it will make conditions right for the end times (looking at you evangelical lobbyists for Israel).

Try actually fixing stuff! If you are wrong about the end, the world will be better off. If you are right about the end, wouldn't you rather be found actually trying to help people in the final moments?

Get up. Get going.

Don't make me get out my Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator.

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