May 16

Yeah, that'll work

I have heard about legalistic religions, but I have never heard of someone issuing a restraining order against God.

Until now that is.

An Israeli man petitioned the Haifa Magistrate’s Court for a restraining order against God, claiming that the Lord has been particularly unkind to him. He further claimed that he has been trying to get help from the police but that they merely sent a car to his home 10 times in the last three years. The report did not give the details of the alleged harassment but did note that the subject did not appear in person in court. Although how that was determined was unclear.

The judge suggested that the man needed less judicial help and more from some other source.

If your Hebrew is significantly better than mine you can read the whole thing for yourself.

I wonder who he thought was going to serve the order, much less enforce it?

And even if you could get a restraining order against God, does that really seem like a good idea?

Shame about that eye cancer, broken ankle+oncoming train combo, or gang of gay neo-nazi rapist furries in your bathroom... but you were the one who put out a restraining order...

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