Mar 15

You do know what "catholic" means, right?

Apparently not so Universal after all.

What do you call someone who disagrees with the Pope and breaks away from the Vatican? Well, we used to call them "Protestants"(unless they are from east of Rome,but that's another story)but apparently they call themselves, in what has to be an unintentional nod to dystopian Sci-Fi, "The Resistance" or The Society of Saint Pious X (SSPX).

In this case "The Resitance" is made up of French Bishop Jean-Michel Faure (ordained on MArch 19, 2015) and British Bishop Richard Williamson in a remote monastery in Brazil. They have been ex-communicated, because Williamson made Faure a bishop without permission, but there complains go beyond that. (Williamson had been excommunicated before, reinstated, then censured.)

The SSPX originally formed as a counter movement to the reforms of the Second Vatican Council of 1965 which, among other things, allowed mass to be said in something other than Latin. Williamson, however, was ejected from the SSPX because of his vocal denial of the Holocaust. It is the opinion of the group that the Pope is less Catholic than they are.

Williamson, in addition to denying the Holocaust, thinks The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is real. He also believes that the Kennedy assassination, 9/11, and the 7/7 bombings were part of a global government conspiracy. He has made controversial remarks about how women are not to have educations or work outside the home and has denounced The Sound of Music because it works to destroy the order between parents and children.

"They are destroying your faith, your morals, with the pretext of false obedience, false humility, false charity. It is all a lie," said Faure of the Vatican in a sermon recently (according to the Jerusalem Post.)

Due to the curious nature of Catholicism, Williamson and everyone he ordains remain bishops and priest, but are still outside the fellowship of the main body of Catholicism. Faure denies that the excommunication is valid because, he says, they have not sinned and therefore there is no basis for excommunication. It should be noted that there are SSPX members in the church who are not excommunicated who have renounced Williamson and his followers.

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